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Studio Memberships

Cast98 help

With an annually renewing membership, studios can post unlimited shows at no additional cost.

How to upgrade

Once a studio is created, the creator can go to the Owner Tools from the studio page and follow the prompts to upgrade the studio's membership.

On the membership page, a studio admin will only see the option to upgrade membership if the membership is non-existent, expired, or coming up for renewal. When a membership is active, the renewal date can be seen on the membership page.

As of July 2019, it is possible for anyone to upgrade a studio's membership. It is no longer an owner-only privilege. A generous donor can "gift" a membership and show their support of local theatre by clicking on the Upgrade Membership button from the studio page.

No membership / Pay per show

This is the default membership tier, whereby a studio makes no commitment but can still post shows as needed.

Basic membership

The basic membership tier enables studios to post unlimited shows at no additional charge. It is a great option for studios that want to use Cast98 for an entire season as it offers simplified billing at a small discount compared to going show-by-show, assuming that the studio is producing more than two shows per year.

Benefits of membership

  • Post unlimited shows at no additional cost
  • Upload organization logo

Non-profit discount on basic membership

A non-profit organization can get $100 off the basic membership by going through a DIY verification process. This is an owner-only privilege that must be completed before signing up for the basic membership.

To self-verify as a tax exempt organization, the studio creator can go into the Owner Tools from the studio page and follow the prompts to Verify Tax Exempt Status.

Note that the non-profit discount only applies to the basic membership, billed annually.

Pro membership

Coming soon in 2020, an all-new pro membership tier will enable custom audition forms and other great benefits to larger theatre organizations that want a more robust set of features.

Benefits of membership

  • All the basic membership perks
  • Customizable audition forms
  • Featured show listings
  • Document vault

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