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Cast98 | Making Auditions and Rehearsals Easier

G'bye Spreadsheets This Is True Theatre Management Software

Automate the tedious tasks associated with profiles and conflict calendars from hundreds of auditionees. Manage auditions and rehearsal scheduling with ease.

"LOVE the platform so far. It's a stage manager's dream." - Cassie, MS
"We held our auditions yesterday and it was a breeze!" - Michelle, NJ

Paperless Auditions Management

famous 5-minute audition setup

  • Mobile-friendly and secure audition form
  • Private director notes and grades for auditionees
  • Drag-and-drop cast list

Smart Rehearsal Schedule Maker

Never confuse schedule versions

  • Start-to-finish the whole schedule in hours, not days
  • Sync conflicts from audition forms automatically
  • Let actors filter and export the rehearsal schedule

Pro Community Theatre Software

"The Best" for parents with theatre kids

  • Inspired by an overburdened theatre director
  • Used by middle schools, high schools, colleges, local theatre and professional theatre companies

10-Minute Video Tour

See everything from auditions through rehearsal scheduling

Are you sick of apps that talk big but don't show you anything in their so-called "preview"? This video tour takes you through all of Cast98's core features in just 10 minutes.

Watch the demo